Providing Effective and Affordable Laser Hair Removal

Pricing as low as $60 per treatment

About Us


Trusted within the Community

Surrounded by quality hospitals and medical facilities, many of our clientele are doctors and allied health professionals. We're proud to serve the healthcare community as it reflects the confidence entrusted in us to provide professional, long-lasting/permanent hair reduction/removal.

Services are provided by Cori Johns, CT, CLT, and Founder of Laser Epilations, LLC.  Cori strives to provide her clients the same type of confidence she gained from her own laser hair removal treatments. She believes in providing thorough and effective treatments that are fairly priced.


Look Good, Feel Good

Many men and women suffer from unwanted facial and body hair. Laser hair removal is a means of long-lasting to permanent hair removal of brown and black hair.  Electrolysis is also offered within our suite to those  individuals with hair not treatable via laser hair removal. 

"It's wonderful to hear on a daily basis how the treatments I provide change my clients' lives. From embarrassing facial hair to the simplicity of spontaneous living without having to deal with hair maintenance on a daily, weekly, or even monthly level, I enjoy helping change lives. It sounds overly dramatic but when you talk to someone who has had successful treatments, they'll confirm how wonderful it is." Cori Johns, CT, CLT


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